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Find out what Imo's is doing to support charities and organizations around St. Louis.
Find out what Imo's is doing to support charities and organizations around St. Louis.

Imo’s takes great pride in being known as “the original St. Louis style pizza.” You’ll find the Imo’s name sponsoring many local teams and events, as well as contributing to many worthy, local charities. We strive, as your neighbors, to help keep St. Louis strong, vibrant and always beyond compare.

Read the letter from Marge and Ed Imo:

Imo’s commitment to help strengthen our local economy has always been a priority.  More now than ever, it is important to do whatever we can to keep our friends and neighbors working.  We would like you to know that Imo’s employs close to 4,000 local people in a variety of positions, including our manufacturing plant in Waterloo, IL and our distribution and grocery companies in the city of St. Louis which combine provide 100 jobs.  By hiring local vendors, we also impact St. Louis industries, including marketing firms, insurance contracting, architectural and construction companies, and automobile purchasing and service.  So when you consider where to buy your next pizza, we hope you will consider buying local so that together with our friends and neighbors, we can help keep St. Louis healthy and strong.
Community Outreach – Annually, Imo’s remits more than $9 million in local and state taxes.  This also means the sales and profits stay in St. Louis and are not sent off to headquarters of any national pizza chain in another state, which enable our company to contribute to many wonderful local organizations, including Variety the Children’s Charity, Forest Park Forever, the Science Center, the Botanical Gardens and many local sports and youth organizations.

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