Having a party? Why not make it a pizza party?
Get Imo’s to cater your next party and get your favorite pizza, pasta and sandwiches delivered right to your door!

Having a party? Why not make it a pizza party! We’ll prepare and deliver all your Imo’s favorites pipin’ hot right to your door! You can choose from pizza, pastas, salads and sandwiches of all kinds.

Imo’s catering services include food preparation, with all necessary plastic silverware and napkins. Available for pick-up or delivery. At participating Imo’s only.

How to figure how many pizzas to order for a group of adults:

Pizzas will feed about 3-4 people per pizza

Pizza and Salad will feed about 3-4.5 people per pizza

Pizza, Salad and Appetizers will feed about 5 people per pizza

Pizza, Salad, Appetizer, Sandwich will feed about 5-7 people per pizza

The more toppings per pizza, the more people each pizza will feed.

Just call the Imo’s nearest you for all the details.

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