Somewhere over the Rainbow, They’ll Have Imo’s!

December 24, 2010

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The Great Cheese and Cheer Giveaway concludes today with a group of residents from Rainbow Village in Saint Louis, who have been selected as the final pizza party winners! Jessica G. of Saint Louis, Missouri, nominated the group from this nonprofit organization, which provides safe, comfortable homes for people with developmental disabilities.

According to the Rainbow Village website, the organization’s goal is “to allow people with developmental disabilities to live in the community, be part of a neighborhood, and enjoy their lives to the fullest,” and it is the only nonprofit in Saint Louis that provides long-term, affordable homes for people with developmental disabilities.  We share Jessica’s hope that a party with Imo’s pizzas, salad and toasted ravioli will help brighten a wintry day for some of the Rainbow Village residents!

Congratulations to Jessica and the pizza party recipients at Rainbow Village, and also to our previously-announced winners, U.S. Navy members Richard and Chris (nominated by Pat F. of University City) and the NeuroICU floor night shift nurses at St. Luke’s Hospital (nominated by Kathy G. of Kansas City). Imo’s would like to thank everyone who entered, and we wish you all a happy holiday!

The Great Cheese and Cheer Giveaway

Rainbow Village Residents

Nominated by Jessica G. of Saint Louis, Missouri

I would throw a pizza party for the residents of Rainbow Village, a non-profit organization that provides neighborhood homes for around 230 people with developmental disabilities in the St. Louis area. I would throw a party for the residents because they are an underserved population and most of them struggle to pay for their numerous bills.

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