A Pizza Party for Our Service Members

December 23, 2010

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Imo’s Pizza is pleased to announce the second of three winners of the Imo’s Pizza Great Cheese and Cheer Giveaway! We invited Imo’s lovers to tell us who they think deserves a catered pizza party, and with great difficulty we selected three winners from the nearly 1,200 amazing nominations submitted.

Today’s winners, in honor of those serving our country, their homecoming and their friendships, are Richard F. of the U.S. Navy and his friend Chris, also of the Navy and returning from service on the U.S.S. George Washington in South Korea. Richard and Chris were nominated by Pat F. of University City, who says the two men are best buds from high school and haven’t seen each other for more than a year. Both, however, will be home for the holidays and will enjoy a reunion with family, friends…and Imo’s pizza with toasted ravs! Please read Pat’s full entry below.

Our congratulations and gratitude to Richard and Chris–we hope you enjoy the party!

The Great Cheese and Cheer Giveaway

Richard F. (U.S. Navy) and his high school friend,
Chris (returning from service  in South Korea)

Nominated by Pat F. of University City, Missouri

I am throwing a party for my son Richard, who is in the Navy stationed in Cleveland and will be visiting during the holidays, and his friend Chris, who is also in the Navy and on leave after serving on the U.S.S. George Washington, just back from South Korea. They have not seen each other for over a year and are best buds from high school. They love Imo’s pizza and toasted ravioli!

Yesterday we announced the first Imo’s pizza party winner, Kathy G. of Kansas City, who nominated the night shift nurses on the NeuroICU floor of St. Luke’s Hospital. Stay tuned tomorrow, when we’ll post the last of our three very-deserving Great Cheese and Cheer Giveaway winners!

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